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Subject: Re: [office] Single XML file

Am 01.09.2012 01:28, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:

The work to integrate the schemas for the parts (content.xml, styles.xml, etc.) and the single XML document has already been done.  That basic structure has not changed as the result of evolution of the specification from ODF 1.0 through ODF 1.2 and it need not change for ODF 1.3.  Any radical change-tracking changes will impact the single XML only a little and the package-level bits a great deal.

There is some extra wording in the conformance section to deal with conformance of single XML documents versus the kindred packaged documents.  That could probably be simplified but, again, the work has already been done.

I meant parts/chapters of the ODF specification.

When you read chapter 3 in the current 1.3 draft it becomes apparent that both Single XML and Packaged format are put on equal footing for ODF document representation. In fact, Single XML is the first listed choice. But in reality Packaged format is de facto preferred and Single XML "useful" to be still kept for certain use cases, for the reasons raised here.

--- André

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