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Subject: RE: [office] Continued Lists

My brain exploded on what the issue with <text:numbered-paragraph> is.  I
gather that text:continue-list is not meant to be allowed on that element.  

I have an use case for paragraphs that have section numbering.  That is,
they are numbered as if part of the section numbering hierarchy and as if
the paragraph is a nested subsection, although there is no header, just the
paragraph with a number in its first line.  (This is not uncommon in work on
specifications, although the practice is not employed in the ODF

My question is whether or not that was also an intended use of
<text:numbered-paragraph> even though the current text has it be wedded to
list numbering.  Is "outline numbering" what I mean by nested section
numbering?  Does that case apply to <text:numbered-paragraph>?

Here's a handy example of what I mean by this: 
The purpose is to provide for precise cross-referencing without relying on
line-numbering and fixed pagination everywhere.  (In this case note that all
of the section numbers are permalinks to themselves, so that a particular
place is easy to bookmark in a comment or error report.  That is the value
of this technique in specifications.  I used an HTML example because I have
many of those in my possession.)

 - Dennis

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IMHO <text:number-paragraph> should be deprecated anyway, as they
are not adding a feature to ODF, only further complexity.
Similar to
which was replaced by

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