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Subject: RE: [office] The desirability of xml:id stability


Excellent analysis and appraisal of options.

 - Dennis

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Subject: RE: [office] The desirability of xml:id stability

Some things I think we should all keep in mind, about the relative difficulty of things.   We generally have XXX options when narrowing constraints in ODF: 

1) Mandate the new narrowed constraints in ODF 1.3.  Of course, changing the standard is not the same as changing implementations, and unless there is a high level of consensus the desired changes probably will not occur. 

2) Have the standard make a recommendation, i.e., a "should" rather than a "shall".  If there is some implementer interest we gain experience from that, and if it is valuable others will follow.  Then we can look at making it mandatory in a future version of ODF. 

3) Defining a new conformance target and making the new behavior mandatory for conformance with that new target.  For example, define a "preserving ODF producer" and mandate specific behavior for xml:id, and maybe also foreign element preservation.  Maybe some other behaviors?   Applications that wish to claim conformance with this target then can aim to support that conformance target. 

4) Similar effect but with a "profile standard" that defines a profile on top of ODF. 

5) A non-normative document, or a section on the specification, on additional interoperability best practices. 

If there is not consensus for #1 (and I am not offering an opinion on that right now) then let's not forget the other options as well. 



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