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Subject: Re: [office] TC Meeting Chat Transcripts

On 13-03-15, at 14:20 , robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:

> As TC members know, we use an online chat to supplement our meetings.  This makes it easier to track to-do items, share markup fragments, etc.  I save a copy of each transcript to assist me in drafting the meeting minutes. 
> I'm wondering whether there would be interest in having me send out a copy of the transcript to the mailing list after each meeting?  The transcripts have more detail than I put in the minutes, and might be useful to those following up on items.  (According to Robert's Rules of Order, minutes should be a list of actions taken, not a transcript of what was discussed.) On the other hand, maybe there is an expectation of privacy.  It would probably be improper for me to make an audio recording of a meeting and post it, for example. 
> So, I'm happy to go either way on this.  Let me know if you have a preference.   
> -Rob

Or at least a pointer to where the transcripts would be stored permanently?


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