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Subject: Re: [office] The desirability of xml:id stability

On 04/03/13 10:01, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> Hi,

sorry for late reply, was on vacation and then the wiki didn't want to
talk to me...

> Michael: Is it possible to share the content of your mediawiki dump with
> the ODF TC?

not sure if anybody here is interested in this much incoherent rambling
:)  but feel free to put it up on the AOO wiki and send a link here if
you like.

> I have to admit that I still do not remember the mentioned discussion
> with you and AMA (Andreas Martens). It seems that my brain is losing
> certain stuff from the past as I am getting older and older.

hmmm... same here.

> I found a wiki page in the OpenOffice wiki which is discussing the
> handling of meta data references on certain editing actions [1].
> Micheal: Do you remember, whether the implementation of meta data in
> OpenOffice Writer follows the discussion in [1]?
> [1] http://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Writer/Metadata_Support

- the list of elements in first paragraph is a goal statement, not an
implementation status

- "Deletion while change tracking is activated:" - i don't remember what
actually happens here

- "If another entity has the same metadata reference, the to be pasted
entity will lose its metadata reference and thus has no metadata any more."

the implementation is actually slightly more clever than this: you can
copy something, paste it, the inserted copy appears to have no xml:id;
now delete the source and the inserted copy takes over the xml:id the
source had.  (the mechanism for that was required for Writer's insane
Undo implementation anyway...)

- "Embedded Objects" - i don't remember what actually happens with these

other than that it looks accurate as far as i can remember.


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Platform Engineering - Desktop Team
Red Hat

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