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Subject: RE: [office] Using pictures and examples in the spec

I don't think the problem is one of being exemplary.  That is always a concern in a specification.   I think what is called for in the situation Regina raises, consistent with Rob's comment, is the essential provision of a diagram in support of unambiguous specification.

For example, in the geometric provisions in the draw: and dr3d: feature sets, it is near-impossible to know what the coordinate axes are, what the 0-point and direction of rotation is, and from where is the geometry being observed (i.e., with respect to orientation of the relevant axes and planes).

I challenge anyone to unambiguously determine where the "back" of an extrusion or rotation is and which is the "front" by consultation of the specification alone.  Where does the described motion start (front or back) and where does it end (back or front)?  Which value (positive or negative) of the amount of motion brings an extrusion toward and away with respect to how the geometry is observed.

Diagrams are significant in the specification of such details.  (Knowing that the right-hand rule applies is helpful but still insufficient, apparently.)

Another place where the specification would benefit with a drawing is for the identification of measure-line characteristics in drawings (i.e.,<draw:measure>).  

Then the matter of (default) units (radians, degrees, etc.) can be dealt with.  

 - Dennis

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Subject: RE: [office] Using pictures and examples in the spec

> But we can certainly use illustrations to specify things.  In some cases this is the most appropriate way to do it. 

+1 on adding illustrations to clarify some parts of the specification
(actually, "19.15.1<chart:chart>, <chart:series>" already contains examples of chart types,
so it's not unprecedented...)

Best regards


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