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Subject: Open Document Format TC meeting minutes 2013-07-22

Open Document Format TC meeting minutes 2013-07-22

Start: 9:34 EDT

+Andreas Guelzow

+Dennis Hamilton
Jos van den Oever
+Patrick Durusau
+Peter Rakyta
+Regina Henschel
+Robert Weir
Thorsten Behrens

Voting Members are indicated with a + before their name

6/9 voting members present = 66%, so quorum requirements are met.

- Membership Notes:  Michael Stahl and Chris Rae lose voting rights; Thorsten gains voting rights.  Oliver-Rainer Wittmann is on a leave of absence.

- Agenda approved by unanimous consent

- Minutes of June 24th approved by unanimous consent

- Motion:

Does the ODF TC Approve ODF 1.1 Errata 01 Working Draft 09 at
as an Approved Errata, affirming that changes have been made since the last public review, that the changes made are documented at
and that the TC judges these changes to be Non-Material in accordance with the definition in the OASIS TC Process

-- Dennis moved, Andreas seconded.

-- Rob Weir voted Yes
-- Andreas Guelzow Yes
-- Patrick Durusau voted Yes
-- Peter Rakyta voted for Yes
-- Regina Henschel voted Yes
-- Dennis Hamilton voted Yes

The results are 6-0-0.  With 9 eligible voting members, 6/9 have voted in favor of the motion, so the Errata are approved.

Next steps:

1) Rob to document approval in minutes
2) Dennis to submit for for TC Admin processing (ask to review final HTML, etc.)
3) Patrick and Dennis to work with SC34 on parallel corrigenda

- Discussion of Japanese (JISC) ODF 1.1 transposition

-- some simple issues and then a more substantial question about ODF's "special" whitespace processing
-- probably not possible to remove or technical change whitespace processing within errata restrictions
-- but worth a look for ODF 1.3

- WG6 schedule: possible call in August as well as one concurrent with the Delft plenary (Sept 9-13)

- Review of public comment:


-- Rob to respond, noting that the feature is optional

Adjourned 10:30 EDT

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