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Subject: Re: [office] Use of <text:s> versus &nbsp;


there is a huge difference between <text:s> and &nbsp. They represent
two different characters! The former is U+0020 while the latter is U

On Mon, 2013-07-22 at 11:28 -0700, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> In the call today, we managed to deep-end into the problem of
> whitespace collapse (a special provision for text in
> paragraph-content).  That is separate from the business about ignored
> whitespace, which applies when text in paragraph-content is not being
> contributed.
> It has always struck me as odd that when there is a run of spaces,
> such as "   ", the preservation of that spacing is accomplished via "
> <text:s><text:s>".  This has exactly the wrong behavior in terms of
> &nbsp; used in HTML text content.

NOte that ODF1.2 claims it to be good practice to use a regular space
first, it is not required. One could just use <text:s text:c="3">.

> In all of the HTML editors that I have used, when I manually provide
> multiple spaces (such as the two spaces after a full-stop that I
> habitually type), the &nbsp; insertions happen at the beginning, not
> the end.  That is, in the above example, it would be "&nbsp;&nbsp; ".

But you are comparing apples and oranges:
 U+00A0 U+00A0 U+0020 is absolutely not the same as U+0020 U+0020 U+0020

The proper ODF representation of U+00A0 U+00A0 U+0020 is just that: U
+00A0 U+00A0 U+0020

> The effect in rendering is quite useful.  If non-breaking rendering
> would cause any of those spaces to appear beyond the right margin,
> line wrap happens after the last space (which allows breaking) and the
> fact of spaces being unseen beyond the right margin is invisible.
> There are no strange situations with spaces at the beginning of the
> next line.  This seems to be consistent behavior across all HTML
> browsers.
>  - Dennis
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Andreas J. Guelzow, PhD, FTICA
Concordia University College of Alberta

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