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Subject: Re: [office] My ODF TC Farewell Week

Hello Dennis,

You have been quite an asset and a major contributor to this TC all
these years. They will be missed. I wish you well and trust you will
come back to check on us often. 

Best regards

Charles-H. Schulz.

Le Fri, 2 Aug 2013 08:55:04 -0700,
"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> a écrit :

> One of the TC Members was kind enough to wish me well and to wonder
> why might have been behind my decision to cease participation at this
> time.  I realized that everything I have to say is suitable for
> sharing with the entire TC.
> First, my cessation of participation at OASIS saves me some money at
> a time when, as a senior citizen, it is important to be frugal.  More
> than that, I am retrieving my attention for direction other pursuits.
> I have tired of work on the ODF TC (and also the OpenOffice-lineage
> applications).  What attracted me to OASIS in 2008 was the formation
> of the OIC TC.  I had turned in some comments on ODF (and bugzilla
> issues on OpenOffice.org) before that, but creation of the OIC TC
> inspired me to check out OASIS Individual Membership and then also
> join the ODF TC.  The two attractions for me were the opportunity to
> contribute to the interoperability of ODF implementations and, so
> long there is going to be an ODF standard, have it be a good one. 
> There are some hard lessons in all of the drama around ODF about who
> wants interoperability versus who is expected to provide it.  My
> sense has been that everyone wants interoperability, so long as it is
> free and someone else does the work.  That is dysfunctional,
> especially in an open (source) world.  
> It might be possible to overcome the expectation anti-pattern around
> document interoperability.  I am not willing to make it my life's
> work [;<).  The friction is too high, it requires a level of
> cooperative activity that seems unachievable, and as a pensioner, it
> is beyond my abilities and my resources.  I have other satisfying
> activities that I am going to make room for in my elder years [;<).
> That said, I must acknowledge Rob Weir for the great step he took in
> having the charter of the OIC TC be developed on a public discussion
> list.  That is a rare approach. It appealed to me.  I will forever
> acknowledge Rob for having done that, however much we manage to
> irritate ourselves otherwise.  Participating on that public
> discussion is what inspired me to then check into OASIS membership.
> I still have my attention on interoperability advisories and document
> forensics/tests, even if I publish them myself after the OIC TC is
> shut down, the likely fate of that TC.  
> I also have a long overdue contribution to make concerning
> deprecation of the ODF Package encryption technique in favor of a
> whole-package encryption that is not so vulnerable.  If I come up
> with something, I will let the ODF TC, LibreOffice, and Apache
> OpenOffice know about whatever is achieved in this area.  I shall
> start with a proof of concept first.  I expect to take my own sweet
> time.  The second in a series of courses I'm taking on cryptography
> is not until November (and may be delayed yet again).
>  - Dennis
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Charles-H. Schulz
Associé / Partner,
Ars Aperta.

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