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Subject: Re: [office] Tabulator (TAB) questions to implementors

Hi Svante,

I have looked, what AOO/LO do with tab stops.

Only if the child style has no own style:tab-stops element, then the tab stops of the parent style are used.

If the user changes a tab-stop of the child, then the child gets an own style:tab-stops element and all current tab-stops of the parent are copied to the style. So a "burn-in" is done. This holds for changing a style (which is in styles.xml) or changing by direct formatting (which is in current.xml).

If all tab stops in the child are deleted, an empty style:tab-stops element remains.

When a style:tab-stops element exists for the child -might be an empty one-, no tab stops of the parent are used and changes in the tab stops of the parent do not propegate to the child. Only when the user resets the tab stops to use the inherited ones, the parent style tab stops are used again.

There is no mix of parent and child tab stops.

[The UI in AOO/LO does not indicate, whether tab stops are deleted or whether they are reset to use the parent ones. I think, that is in error in the UI of AOO/LO.]

Kind regards

Svante Schubert schrieb:
Are tabulators being inherited in ODF XML similar as style properties are?
Perhaps the first question should be: Are all other style properties
being inherited in all circumstances?

Regarding Tabs:
Within a content (or styles) XML file within a package a TAB declaration
may look like:
<style:style style:name="Heading_20_1" style:display-name="Heading 1"
             <style:tab-stop style:position="2cm"/>
             <style:tab-stop style:position="3cm"/>
             <style:tab-stop style:position="5.001cm"/>

Explained by ODF 1.2 via

and inheritance is mentioned for <style:style>

 From a simple test in one ODF application it seems TABs are NOT being
inherited, which seems wrong at the first sight, but when taking a look
OOXML, where TABs are being inherited, but can be ignored on paragraph
level via a 'clear' attribute, the absolute writing of TABs would
guarantee interoperability.

Please note, the inheritance within the XML, does not say anything about
about the inheritance during run-time. Even without inheritance, full
absolute TAB positioning for every paragraph there would be run-time
inheritance possible.

If we want to inherit TABS during run-time, we would on the other hand
require something similar to 'clear' to guarantee interoperability among
the ISO Office format standards.

PS: In addition we might want to define the following attribute for TABs
as well
as currently the position dependent on the following settings.xml flag:

<config:config-item config:name="TabsRelativeToIndent"

It defines, if the left-margin have to be added to the tab position.

I will write JIRA issues for the problems, as soon we agree that there
is a problem.


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