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Subject: Comments on OpenDocument-v1.3-wd01-part5-changetracking.odt

Hi Svante,

I have read the document and have some comments and questions:

2.2 Meta Operations
The operation 'Replace' contains "property is changing". And the operation 'Format' contains "Adding/Removing one or more properties". It is not clear what is covered by operation 'Replace' and what by 'Format'.

2.3 Positioning Components
If three people work on a document A. First person creates change B from A, second person creates change C von A. Both persons sent it to the third person, who will merge B and C into his A. Will such merging be possible?

3.7 Images, Shapes, Charts
* I miss formula-objects. I know, there is currently no change tracking in formula-documents in ODF. But Microsoft Word has change tracking in inline formulas.
* I miss an outline topic 'frame'.
* Charts and formula-objects are different from images and shapes, because they are complete documents by themselves in ODF. Perhaps it would be better to handle them in a different section?

Need flat formats a different handling?

Kind regards

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