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Subject: Mapping of lists from ODF 1.1 to ODF 1.2

Dear TC members,

Is someone able to point out a reference where the mapping of ODF 1.1
list attributes to ODF 1.2 is being described in detail?

I have found
Still in the above URL the explicit mentioning of ODF versions and XML
attributes is missing.
In addition for an easier comparison the same list example might have
been shown in both models and the description how to map is missing.

Example of ODF 1.1
<text:list-level-style-number text:level="9" style:num-suffix="."
    <style:list-level-properties text:space-before="11.114cm"
text:min-label-width="0.318cm" fo:text-align="end"/>

Example of ODF 1.2
<text:list-level-style-number text:level="10" style:num-suffix="."
text:label-followed-by="listtab" text:list-tab-stop-position="6.985cm"
fo:text-indent="-0.635cm" fo:margin-left="6.985cm"/>

Our specification might be enhanced by some picture showing lists and
explaining how the XML attributes are being applied to the indent for
the two ODF models or do I have simply overseen it?
In addition we should consider deprecating the old one, as why do should
we need more than one list model and provide a description of the
transition from the old to the new model.

Any help would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance,

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