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Subject: change tracking extension

Dear TC members!

As you might know, I develop an extension implementing the merge enabled change tracking proposed by Svante. Recently I have made further progress in the development. However I would like to address several questions in order to bring closer the specification and implementation.

-- I have uploaded an odt (https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=52714&wg_abbrev=office) containing the currently supported change types with simple user cases of the related xml tags in the undo.xml. I would like to ask you to revise these tags. Regarding style changes I kept the possibility of representing them explicitly in the xml, since automatic style names are still unreachable through the UNO, and the user-generated styles are not enough to thoroughly track style changes. (In the linked odt both bold/italic textparts correspond to the same "text body" style.) Hence I suggest to keep this possibility also in the standard. What do you think?

-- I think in order to get usable change tracking system, we need also to export data on the author, creation time, and other metadata (like a comment). May be these data should be also a part of the specification to ensure different implementations would handle these data the same way. What do you think? Currently my extension makes revisions of a document, means, that particular OTs (changes) are grouped under changesets (like an SVN). (An example for the XML representation of a changeset is also shown in the linked odt.)

Best Regards,

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