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Subject: Material for discussions on issue OFFICE 3854

Hi all,

this is for https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3854.

Inspired by the warning of Camilla Boemann to "be absolute certain the meaning is exactly as we want it", I have investigated how LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice currently calculate percentage values.

I have found two used practices:
This way corresponds to the CSS box model as described in http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/box.html. What there is called the "content area" is used when the picture is

* anchored to page
The outermost box is the page for paged media, and the window into which the document is rendered for continuous media.

* anchored to frame
The outermost box is the frame itself.

The reference area described here is used as base for the percentage in all cases not in (1). That are all cases where a picture is anchored to paragraph, to character or as character.

The width of the reference area is the text column width. I mean those columns which you can set for pages or sections. Such columns can be defined too in a table cell or merged table cells and for headers or footers by using a section. The gap between the text columns do not belong to the area. This description includes the case of having only one text column.

case anchor is in section:
Take height of that part of the section, which is on the same page as the anchor.

case anchor is not in a section:
case page: Take height of content area, subtract height of header and footer.
	case frame:   Take height of content area.
case table cell: Take row height, subtract border part of the cell, subtract padding.

continue for all cases:
Subtract the height of the footnote area of that column in which the anchor lays. The footnote area height consists of the thickness of the footnote separator, the space above and below the separator and the area height of the footnotes themselves.

The UI of LibreOffice and OpenOffice gives "text boundaries" for this reference area. Such text boundaries are shown in Magenta in some of my attached screenshots.

I see three tasks:
(A)  Find suitable terms for the values of the new attribute.
(B)  Improve the description in 19.509 and 19.510.2.
(C) Create a glossary of technical terms. Such glossary would be useful for readers and would help the editors to be consistent throughout the specification text. Whether to integrate such glossary into the normative part of the specification is a different topic.

Kind regards

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