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Subject: Re: [office] New Co-Chair election

On Tuesday 26 May 2015 16:13:08 Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Our next meeting is on: June 8,  2015 and I would like for us to choose
> and elect a new co-chair to the TC at that meeting.
> I know everyone is likely to volunteer at one time and that's ok. We can
> work out the details between now and the meeting.
> Please consult with your management and post your willingness to serve
> as the ODF TC co-chair to this mailing list.

Dear TC,

I would also like to offer my services to chair the TC. I've been a member of 
the TC for KDE since 2010 and think it is one of the most important standards 
in the industry: people generally create two types of documents: email and 
office documents. It is of vital importance for good communication and 
durability that these documents follow a good standard.

Since October last year I've been employed by the Dutch government after doing 
ODF related work for them since 2010. The department that I work at has 
graciously allowed me to attend the TC during work hours as a representative 
for KDE.

The Dutch government has been recommending ODF as a standard for the exchange 
of editable documents since 2008. The department for standards development has 
now offered to enable me to spend two days per week on working on and chairing 
the TC for at least two years. This is the amount of time per week that Oliver 
recommends for the task if the goal is more than fixing errors and importing 
existing extensions.

This offer stresses the importance that the government sees in a reliable 
standard. In addition, in September, there will another plugfest for ODF. This 
one will be hosted in The Hague.

To ensure the future of ODF, I feel the TC should be more outgoing and find 
more users and implementors of ODF to join the TC. For the future of the 
standard I see a few areas of importance: modularisation, testability, 
interoperability with the web and web standards, change tracking, and 
standardizing a scripting language. In these topics, the needs of the users of 
the standards are most important and the TC should channel these in a sensible 
standard that market partners can support well.

Best regards,
Jos van den Oever

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