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Subject: Re: [office] RDF support?

On Saturday 10 October 2015 21:03:17 Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Greetings!
> Is RDF support on the roadmap for any of the implementers of ODF?
> Despite my misgivings about RDF, it would clearly be superior to current
> metadata support in office software in general.
> Not that I think we need to make changes but if we could encourage such
> support sooner rather than later, it could make a selling point for ODF.
> The only metadata that could rival RDF support dodges vendor lock-in in
> favor of consultant/contractor lock-in. ;-)
> I once maintained a network where the disk necessary to see the internal
> server settings was found to be blank. Yes. I was quite annoyed because
> there were monitoring/maintenance tasks that could not be performed
> without that disk. You may assume the contractor who installed the
> system long before I arrived had that disk.
> You may assume from that story that I despise consultant/contractor
> lock-in in all its various forms.

Calligra has RDF support and even a built-in sparql engine. It is not used 
widely I think.
LibreOffice has support for loading and saving. I do not know if there is an API 
for accessing and changing the metadata.


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