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Subject: simple example of SVN use for specification changes

Hello all,

You must be wondering what the email deluge of yesterday was all about.
I added the past versions of the ODF specification to the SVN repository. This 
resulted in more than 50 emails, because each SVN commit leads to an SVN 

Now I've added a first branch for a JIRA issue to SVN.
I've chosen a simple issue:

This issue requires only a text change to two words. So the SVN diff does not 
add a lot to this issue, but it is a nice and simple example.

To create the patch you can use the tool 'odftc' that is available from here:

Then, in an empty directory, I ran these commands:

  odftc init
  cd office
  odftc create v1.2 3755
  vi v1.2/OpenDocument-v1.2-part1/content.xml
  git commit -a -m 'Change rotate-angle to skew-angle in the decription of 
skewX and skewY.'
  git svn dcommit

Now the change can be seen at this link:

This is a long link, but to adapt it for other issues of v1.2, only the issue 
number needs to be changed. I added this link to the issue itself.

Note that I edited the specification content.xml with a text editor. It is also 
possible to use LibreOffice, OpenOffice, WebODF or OpenExchange and then create a 
diff on the .odt files with OdfHistory. For now, I suggest to use simple text 

Best regards,
Jos van den Oever

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