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Subject: Re: [office] simple example of SVN use for specification changes


How do you suggest we capture the JIRA Issue number or should we continue to enter links to the JIRA issue in the edited content.xml?

I have a slight preference for the JIRA links in the text because they should be easy enough to remove later and it enables readers to go quickly from the current content to the issue that was resolved there.

Thanks for all the hard work!


On 10/14/2015 06:48 AM, Jos van den Oever wrote:
Hello all,

You must be wondering what the email deluge of yesterday was all about.
I added the past versions of the ODF specification to the SVN repository. This
resulted in more than 50 emails, because each SVN commit leads to an SVN

Now I've added a first branch for a JIRA issue to SVN.
I've chosen a simple issue:

This issue requires only a text change to two words. So the SVN diff does not
add a lot to this issue, but it is a nice and simple example.

To create the patch you can use the tool 'odftc' that is available from here:

Then, in an empty directory, I ran these commands:

   odftc init
   cd office
   odftc create v1.2 3755
   vi v1.2/OpenDocument-v1.2-part1/content.xml
   git commit -a -m 'Change rotate-angle to skew-angle in the decription of
skewX and skewY.'
   git svn dcommit

Now the change can be seen at this link:

This is a long link, but to adapt it for other issues of v1.2, only the issue
number needs to be changed. I added this link to the issue itself.

Note that I edited the specification content.xml with a text editor. It is also
possible to use LibreOffice, OpenOffice, WebODF or OpenExchange and then create a
diff on the .odt files with OdfHistory. For now, I suggest to use simple text

Best regards,
Jos van den Oever

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