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Subject: Issue workflow

Dear TC-members,

there exists issues, were the request is meaningful and a specification is possible in principle. But the TC decided, that working on a specification should not start, before a project has started to implement the feature. For such issues we have used target="ODF Next" and status="open".
Example: https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-426

Reading the workflow descriptions [1], the status "open" should only be used, if the issue has an assignee and this assignee actually works on it. You can conclude the same, when you read the tooltip of "Open".

The status field has a value item "preferred", which fits better to such issues. I suggest to use it for issues with target "ODF Next" and no assignee, instead of "Open". The issue page has a button "Defer Issue" for it.

That effects the issues 426, 452, 497, 498, 550, 566 from the last meeting.

The wording "Next" in value "ODF Next" is misleading. It should read "ODF Later". Is it possible to rename it? Or is it possible to leave the field "Fix Version/s" empty? At least there should be a description in [2] to describe the meaning of "ODF Next" as "not actually 'next' but 'later'".



Kind regards

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