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Subject: Re: [office] Draft Agenda for Monday, 2015-11-23

And some more comments to the issues on Patricks latest spreadsheet.

OFFICE-1420 odf 12cd01,19.319 style:paper-tray-name

"style:paper-tray-name should be moved to settings.xml (or removed 

I dont really see the point of having this attribute.
We should not remove it in 1.3. There is no implementation work needed to 
remove this, so ODF Later does not apply.
This moves to ODF Next.

OFFICE-1395 Use schematron in ODF
Great idea and I've started on it in OFFICE-3887.
Let's keep it as major issue for 1.3.

OFFICE-1378 Requirement - reinvent the spreadsheet
Clearly ODF Later

OFFICE 1377 Requirement [ODF needs to be audited against the requirements of 
CDR, CDRF, and WICD never made it to recommendations.
Close the issue.

OFFICE 1376 Requirement [ODF needs to support round-tripping of all HTML and 
CSS features]
import HTML pages and round-trip them without loss
This is an enormously big task: ODF Later

OFFICE 1374 duplicate of OFFICE-1431

OFFICE-1312 Inconsistently named elements/attributes (ODF all versions)
Very good comment. Logical names really help developers. Large changes.
Either in ODF 1.3 while retaining deprecated names or ODF Next

OFFICE-1306 is created from a reply to OFFICE-1277 
There are 17 issues like this. The original post is very good.
I'm not sure about the replies. Have not read them all yet.

OFFICE-1286 [Remove form:control-implementation and form:properties]
I very little no knowledge of XForms. Removing is not something we can do in 
Only deprecating is possible.

OFFICE-1283 .oth is not specified in a normative part and should be removed 
the non-normative appendix C.
Either .oth is added to part1 section 2.2 in 1.3 or it is removed from 
appendix C
So this should be fixed in 1.3

OFFICE-1281 very useful comment on how to define if a document contains 
extended information.
This ties in with the idea of using profiles. The author is concerned that 
are too many ways in which one can add proprietary information in an ODF file.
ODF 1.2 comes in the flavors ODF 1.2 and ODF 1.2 extended. ODF 1.2 still allows
many places where undocumented formats are possible. Should we close these in 
Such a minimal document model is very good for archiving and for levelling the
playing field.
It might be worth a shot for 1.3 and perhaps Rick Jelliffe could help.

This is a very important topic. We need a common macro language.
Like OpenFormula this might be a whole part of the specification.

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