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Subject: Chat log for ODF Teleconference 01 Feb 2016

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The chat log from the ODF Teleconference on 01 Feb 2016:

anonymous morphed into Jos van den Oever
Patrick: 81% quorum
Patrick: consent on agenda
Patrick: consent on minutes from Jan 25th
Patrick: A. 1431 - no report
anonymous morphed into Peter Junge
Patrick: B. Jos - links to show diffs - done - but hasn't gone to list -
Patrick: versioning of files on versioning files in zip file -pierre -
Patrick: C. style added to components - done - needs query on style
component to derive the list
Patrick: UOF 2.0
Patrick: UOF 1.0
Patrick: Peter - can contact colleagues in China to see if they want
to help with this proposal -
Patrick: Estimates of implementation would take several weeks
Patrick: some alpha code in RedOffice but has disappeared
Patrick: RedOffice that is
Patrick: but no known implementations of this proposal
Patrick: Q - can the four information items in the diagonal cell be
addressed by the spreadsheet? - a future version
Patrick: Could treat as an object to be embedded in the diagonal cell -
Patrick: would a custom object be simply visual and not interact with
the other cells?
Jos van den Oever:
http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2008/10/what-are-chinese-tables.html some
more examples
Jos van den Oever: Patrick: yes a custom object would not interact
with the other cells
Patrick: Bring back up for status check end of February 2016 -
Patrick: soft-page breaks
Patrick: https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-1870
Patrick: https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-1871
Patrick: row page-break - software makes soft break and breaks the
page (calculated and record kept)
Patrick: column page-break - same calculation but on page width and
keep a record
Patrick: Jos pagination for a spreadsheet is vertical and horizonal
Patrick: Regina responds: not possible horizonal - do not print
speadsheet, only print print ranges
Patrick: In one print range, need to make column breaks and in the
next print range, don't need to make it
Patrick: but the same column is in both print ranges - not possible to
put the information about the column
Patrick: Regina's issues that you can have different print ranges for
one printing, not successive printing for a continuous range
Patrick: Jos  but the question is whether we should be doing this, not
the implementation details
Patrick: Jos -> Andreas
Patrick: Possible in Excel now, would be good to have for Gnumeric.
Patrick: ODF has several ranges on a single sheet, and that's where it
gets complicated.
Patrick: Andreas wants to go on with Office-1870 and close Office-1871
- - ODF 1.3 or ODF-Later, don't care
Patrick: Regina, can restrict column breaks - such as one print range,
or to which pieces it refers, think about refining definition of range -
Patrick: Continue Office-1870, Close Office-1871 - set to ODF-1.3
Patrick: disposition of 1870 and 1871 - by consent.
Patrick: Regina - tried this one but found it very difficult to see
what has changed - OFFICE-3883 Proposal: chart legend size - Is
possible to use compare in Open Office to see changes.
Patrick: Move commits for #7 to Feb. 8th -
Patrick: Action item - Create ODF documents for those commits and post
to OASIS repository - Patrick
Michael Stahl:
Patrick: Michael - ask OASIS to upgrade to the latest SVN -
Michael Stahl: WebSVN trunk can display nicely what parts of a long
line have actually changed, see link above, the OASIS installation is
Patrick: adjourn - consent

Hope everyone is at the start of a great week!


- -- 
Patrick Durusau
Technical Advisory Board, OASIS (TAB)
OpenDocument Format TC (OASIS), Project Editor ISO/IEC 26300
Co-Editor 13250-5 (Topic Maps)

Another Word For It (blog): http://tm.durusau.net
Homepage: http://www.durusau.net
Twitter: patrickDurusau

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