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Subject: Re: [office] Issues for ODF 1.3 (197) excluding editorial issues assigned to me - 137

Hi Patrick,

there are some issues which have an assignee, who is no longer member of the TC, at least not in the "TC Roster" list. Shouldn't those issues be put back to "unassigned"?

Kind regards

Patrick Durusau schrieb:

The spreadsheet of open issues for ODF 1.3 is attached.

197 issues, which includes 60 that are assigned me as editorial nits,
for the most part. Some, like specifying the flat file format, are a bit
larger. ;-)

Anyway, this should give us a good idea of what is outstanding and maybe
useful in allocating our resources to push 1.3 out the door in some
reasonable time frame.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


PS: Corrections, amendments, etc., as always, welcome!

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