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Subject: topics for a style discussion

Last week we came across the topic 'style discussion', the notion that 
we need to look at a number of style issues together.

I've looked through the issues that are tagged for 1.3 and that are 
related to styling. There are 11 issues that have a potential major 
impact and that could be discussed together so that changes that follows 
from them are consistent.

The issues are listed below as 'Potentially major change'. I've also 
included the other style issues for completeness sake. However it is my 
assesment that any change from those issues is fairly isolated.

The hard part about styles in ODF is reasoning about how inheritance of 
styles and nesting of styled elements works together. For 1.3 we should 
try to not make that reasoning harder.

Best regards,

== Styles discussion ==

= Potentially major change =

Improvement OFFICE-3895
style section does not allow style:text-properties

Bug OFFICE-3863
description of attribute style:class is incorrect

Improvement OFFICE-3789
[text] Proposal: special header/footer style on first page

Improvement OFFICE-3767
[text] Proposal: contextual spacing of paragraphs

Bug OFFICE-3679
Master style cannot be parent of drawing-page style

New Feature OFFICE-2127
Member Proposal: Number:Reserve-Space element

New Feature OFFICE-2095
Member Proposal: Store default values in ODF

Improvement OFFICE-1906

Improvement OFFICE-1520
style:default-style should permit style:data-style-name attribute

New Feature OFFICE-1514
17.618 table:default-cell-style-name attribute should be usable in 

New Feature OFFICE-566
Public Comment: Concerns and Wants Related to Text Sections in OD v 1.1+

= Potentially medium change =

Bug OFFICE-3845
Unclear if tabulator positions are being inherited among styles

Bug OFFICE-3770
Inconsistency within list of allowed elements for attribut 
style:background-transparency (ODF 1.2)

New Feature OFFICE-2103
Member Proposal: Clarify how master-page-break and fo:break-before resp. 
fo:break:after interact

Improvement OFFICE-1832
style:date-style might require multiple number:year

Bug OFFICE-1439
Public Comment: Automatic styles (ODF all versions)

New Feature OFFICE-1426
Public Comment: Greek Numbering Notation System -- Correction 
Requirement for ODF-Next

= Potentially minor change =

Improvement OFFICE-3727
20.314, 20.315, 20.316, 20.317 seem to be redundant

Bug OFFICE-3723
20.364 style:text-line-through-text, typo "as"

Bug OFFICE-3722
20.364 style:text-line-through-text, typo "i"

Improvement OFFICE-3707
20.343 style:run-through, duplicate / superfluous text

Bug OFFICE-3683
Public Comment: CS01 "one contains" -> "one that contains"

Bug OFFICE-3676
attribute style:name in style:font-face should have type styleName, not 

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