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Subject: Re: [office] OFFICE-2102 white-space collapse change

Hi Michael,

Michael Stahl schrieb:
hi all,

i've made a disturbing discovery regarding OFFICE-2102, an issue
discussed this week.

it looks like ODF 1.2 changed the white-space handling in paragraphs,
see my comment on the issue.

it would be quite interesting to know whether implementers are aware of
that, and to which elements they apply the white-space collapsing in
their ODF 1.2 implementations.

hopefully everybody follows the ODF 1.1 rules, then we can just revert
the mistake.

These are my results:

AOO3.4 writes 09 for a tab and OA for a line-feed. The UI has an input dialog which replaces an Enter-key (paragraph end) to a OA (line feed).

AOO4.1.2 replaces the UI dialog with inline editing. It is not possible to enter a tab, but existing 09 are handled as tabs. Shift-Return and Return are still both saved as OA.

LO54 too has no UI dialog but inline editing. Entering a tab is possible and it is stored as 09. Shift-Return and Return are both saved and handled as OA.

So these applications do no exchange 09 or 0A with space.

Kind regards

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