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Subject: RE: [office] OFFICE-2102 proposal (was: Re: [office] OFFICE-2102 test files)

We looked at this and our feedback is, as app developers, what we'd really like to see would be something like- here's feature X. Here's what it would have looked like in the file format the old way. Under our new proposal, here's what it would look like. It is currently difficult for us to parse that from all the proposed edits to the standard. Can you help provide that before the voting?

Also, our main concern is that if a user types multiple spaces into some field or dialog that gets preserved into the file, that we can create that in the file format using <text:s> tags or whatever. What we want to avoid is users specifying multiple spaces and us either blocking them or stripping them out.


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Subject: [office] OFFICE-2102 proposal (was: Re: [office] OFFICE-2102 test files)

hello white space aficionados,

as requested i've now added a complete proposal to OFFICE-2012, so you have 12 calendar days until the next meeting to review it :)

i've decided to create a mixture of the behaviours observed in LibreOffice, Word and Calligra Words, in a way that places stricter requirements on producers than on consumers, so that hopefully interop will improve in the corner cases that currently cause problems.

i've also adapted LO to produce documents in line with the proposal; the next release of LO should produce white space that both existing OOo/LO and Word / Calligra Words can import with the same results more often.

the proposal would require changes in Word to no longer collapse inside the text field elements.

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