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Subject: How to number a heading?

Hi all,

you can number a heading by setting text:ouline-level in the <text:h> element and no list style in its paragraph style. Then the number is taken from 16.34 <text:outline-style>. Its description is, "An outline style is a list style that is applied to all headings within a text document where the heading's paragraph style does not define a list style to use itself."

But if you need a different numbering parallel, e.g. for an appendix, you can not use a second <text:outline-style> element, because more than one is not allowed. So how to get a number in such case?

I define a numbering style
    <text:list-style style:name="MyChapter">
with its <text:list-level-style-number> childs for the different text:level, e.g. <text:list-level-style-number text:level="2" text:style-name="Numbering_20_Symbols" style:num-prefix="(" style:num-suffix=")" style:num-format="a">
                <style:list-level-properties ...

Then I define a paragraph style, which uses this numbering style, e.g.
<style:style style:name="myH2" style:family="paragraph" style:parent-style-name="Standard" style:default-outline-level="2" style:list-style-name="MyChapter">

And the heading itself is given by
<text:h text:style-name="myH2" text:outline-level="2">Heading on level two</text:h>

Should that generate a number for the heading? I would say yes, but LibreOffice generates no number here. I try to examine, whether this is a bug or not.

Looking at the description of 19.496 style:list-style-name, I see,
"The list style specified by this attribute is applied to headings and paragraphs that are contained in a list, where the list does not specify a list style itself, and the list has no list style specification for any of its parents."

My heading is not contained in a list. Does it get a number nevertheless? If yes, does the level of numbering corresponds to the outline level?

LibreOffice puts the heading into a list automatically. But that produces the questions: Which level of numbering has to be used? The list level or the outline level? Or must list level and outline level always be equal? LibreOffice uses the list level here and does not keep outline level in sync with list level, which produces a lot of problems for users.

Is there a different way I do not see, to get a chapter numbering to a heading, which does not use the <text:outline-style> element?

Kind regards

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