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Subject: Re: [office] How to number a heading?

Hi all,

here are some test files:

It contains a chapter numbering made with Tools > Chapter Numbering (old LibreOffice versions "Outline Numbering") of LibreOffice version 5.4. That results in the use of <text:outline-style style:name="Outline">

It contains headings, which have got a newly created paragraph style. These styles got an "Outline Level" set in tab Outline&Numbering in the properties dialog of the style in LibreOffice. This results in the attribute style:default-outline-level in the style. And when the style is applied, the <text:h> element gets an attribute text:outline-level.

Because LibreOffice adds a style:list-style-name="" automatically, I have removed these from the file source. Having this attribute set, LibreOffice will not display numbers. The TOC needs to be updated. But I'm not sure at what point LibreOffice adds the style:list-style-name="" and what the TOC will actually use. On saving LibreOffice replaces the imported structure with its own way.

The file does not validate, because "mimetype" is not the first file in the package. But I do not know, how to get the correct order, when using 7Zip. All other things are OK.

In that version I set not only the outline level, but I have set a numbering style too in tab Outline&Numbering in the properties dialog of the style. The file contains the original output of LibreOffice. Here you will see that LibreOffice generates lists and that the list level given by the nesting of the lists do not correspond to the outline level.

In these versions I add the attribute style:list-style-name to my heading styles; in case "inherit" only to the parent, in "explicit" to all child styles too.

This is similar to LO54default, only that now the style has got an attribute style:list-style-name="myNumbering", so that the default <text:outline-style style:name="Outline"> is not used.

I expect, that now the numbering definition <text:list-style style:name="myNumbering"> is used for numbering. The problem is, that I cannot determine from the specification, whether I am right.

Here too the "mimetype" is not the first file in the package. So if someone can repair the order, that would be nice. LibreOffice does not look at the order on opening files, but other applications might be less tolerant.

I have added the fodt variants, because you can examine them more easily. But the validator does not work on fodt and not all application are able to read flat format.

Kind regards

Attachment: LO54default.fodt
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Attachment: LO54default.odt
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Attachment: LO54own_headingstyle.fodt
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Attachment: LO54own_headingstyle.odt
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Attachment: LO54own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle.fodt
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Attachment: LO54own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle.odt
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Attachment: Manually_own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle_explicit.fodt
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Attachment: Manually_own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle_explicit.odt
Description: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text

Attachment: Manually_own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle_inherit.fodt
Description: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text

Attachment: Manually_own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle_inherit.odt
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