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Subject: Re: [office] OFFICE-2122: @draw:z-index and @style:run-through on images within a <draw:frame>

On 10.07.2017 15:14, Michael Stahl wrote:
> On 04.07.2017 00:48, Svante Schubert wrote:
>> *XML of imported MSO document within LibreOffice (and saved as ODT)*
>> Both documents in ODT and DOCX being loaded into LibreOffice
>> Writer look fine regarding the Z positioning, showing the same relations.
>> When the document is being saved as ODT again by the LO Writer it  keeps
>> its relation still changes the Z positioning to
>> @draw:z-index="0" <=> very behind
>> @draw:z-index="1" <=> very behind
>> @draw:z-index="2" <=> behind
>> @draw:z-index="3" <=> before
>> @draw:z-index="4" <=> very before
>> and ONLY the images behind have an attribute 
>> @style:run-through, which contains at least as expected "background"

i wanted to reproduce this problem, but i can't - round-tripping the
"4ImagesAndTextOverlapping-MSO.odt" i get a style "fr1" with
style:run-through="foreground" style:wrap="run-through", applied 2
times, and a style "fr2" with style:run-through="background"
style:wrap="run-through", applied 3 times.

this is with current master, a build and 5.2.7 from Fedora.

Svante, are you sure about this, or what am i missing?

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Platform Engineering - Desktop Team
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