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Subject: OFFICE-3928 - 3D charts

Hi members,

we have discussed the meaning of svg:x, svg:y, svg:width and svg:height attributes in case of 3D charts last Monday. There exist already the section "11.5 3D Plot Area" http://docs.oasis-open.org/office/v1.2/os/OpenDocument-v1.2-os-part1.html#__RefHeading__1415978_253892949 which reduces it to <dr3d:scene> elements.

The text in section 11.5 is:
"The plot area may be displayed as an 3D scene as specified in section 10.5.2. All 3D attributes that can be applied to the <dr3d:scene> element can be applied to the <chart:plot-area> element. This includes the dr3d:transform attribute that specifies the rotation of the three-dimensional plot area. 10.5.2 The <chart:plot-area> element may contain a <dr3d:light> element as specified in section 10.5.3."

So I suggest to add there:
If the <chart:plot-area> element contains a <chart:coordinate-region> element, only the reduced content as described in section 11.x is used and the position and size values of the <chart:coordinate-region> element are used instead of those from the <chart:plot-area>.

Unfortunately the referenced <dr3d:scene> has deficiencies in regard of position and size attributes.

svg:height 19.539.3, svg:width 19.571.5, svg:x 19.573.4 and
svg:y 19.577.4 refer to the corresponding section for two dimensional shapes and these refer to §5.1.2 of [SVG]. That is the section about the svg-element.

Such procedure is unsuitable. Reasoning:
* SVG has no 3D objects at all.
* If you replace the term "svg element" with the term "<dr3d:scene>" you will notice, that the described evaluation would not correspond to actual rendering of scenes.

And the other texts for the two dimensional shapes work neither, because a 3D scene is not rectangular and has no "bounding box".

My idea is to add the following text to section 10.5.2 <dr3d:scene>:

"The projection given by the outermost <dr3d:scene> element results in a two-dimensional image of the objects, which are contained in this <dr3d:scene> element. The svg:x, svg:y, svg:width, and svg:height attributes of the outermost <dr3d:scene> element define together a rectangular area, the viewport, onto which the image is plotted. Producers shall use uniform scaling to fit the image to the viewport. Projection, position and size attributes of inner <dr3d:scene> elements are ignored."

And in the 19.nnn sections about the attributes I would add texts like this: The svg:height attribute defines the height of the viewport of the <dr3d:element>, see 10.5.2.

If you agree with my concerns about the <dr3d:scene> attributes, I will write an issue, so we can work out a fix.

Kind regards

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