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Subject: chat notes - ODF teleconference - 21 August 2017


Our chat notes from the ODF Teleconference - 21 August 2017

Activity last week:


Continue graphics issue discussion

https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3928  chart position without 
axis labels
  - 3D charts
  - pos/size for plot area and coordinate-region
https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3930  Broken sentence in 
20.226 presentation:display-date-time
https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3931  Problems in 20.226 

thomas: I am on the phone. Not sure if you could hear me.

We have quorum

<coordinate-region> and 3D charts

Regina proposes additions:
If the <chartlot-area> element contains a <chart:coordinate-region> 
element, only the reduced content as described in section 11.x is used 
and the position and size values of the <chart:coordinate-region> 
element are used instead of those from the <chartlot-area>.

Michael Stahl: by the way, in the web-chat you can click "Settings" and 
"Hide Smiley Faces" to disable this annoyance

11:5 The plot area may be displayed as an 3D scene as specified in 
section 10.5.2. All 3D attributes that can be applied to the 
<dr3d:scene> element can be applied to the <chartlot-area> element. This 
includes the dr3d:transform attribute that specifies the rotation of the 
three-dimensional plot area. 10.5.2 The <chartlot-area> element may 
contain a <dr3d:light> element as specified in section 10.5.3.

Michael: thanks

Jos: does this mean that the labels become disconnected from the axis?

Regina: no, it only is about the size and position attributes. a 3d 
scene is a like a picture and the size and position say how large the 
picture / projection is

Regina: so the picture has to be scaled to the desired size.

Regina: when you only have the plot-area, then the reference size 
includes the labels

Regina: when you have a coordinate region, then the reference size 
excludes the labels

Jos: I understand, it's the right approach

Jos: I was referring to 

We need a new issue for the second point in that mail about the sizes of 
3d scenes.

Regina will put this text in a new issue.

Andreas: about the 3d scene

Andreas: what does uniform scaling mean?

Regina: you have content in 3d, you make a projection and obtain a 2d 

Regina: you have to bring this 2d projection to the canvas

Jos: And that is where you need the scaling

Andreas: I still do not understand the 'uniform' part

Andreas: depending on the projection the scaling might not be uniform, 
esp to meet the width and height constraints

Andreas: what is the intent of 'uniform' in that phrasing

Andreas: take a rectangular box, that is rotated, now an object that 
needs to have a projection fit in a viewport

Andreas: what is uniform in that scaling?

Andreas: I understand as uniform as having the same scaling in all 

Regina: it has to be scaled such that it touches the edge of the viewport

Regina: it does not need to fill out both width and height

Andreas: so saying that it should 'fit the viewport' would suffice

Andreas: why am I getting a wider viewport as needed

Jos: The box is meant to constrain the place where the chart can go out

Andreas: if we say shall instead of should we might break the normal 

Jos: Andreas, can you describe the current behaviour

Andreas: if you widen the viewport, the projection will change

Regina: you want that the producer write the tight box around the 
projection image?

Andreas: that is how i would understand uniform scaling

Regina: it might be that the actual rendering in an application does not fit

Regina: I've to give a description that would allow the 
sizing/drawing/dimension in an application to vary but would constrain 
the aspect ratio and size of the coordinate-region of the chart

Jos: perhaps we can say that the image should be fitted but without 
skewing or distorting the image

Jos: SVG has 
this attribute for this situation

Jos: The SVG specifcation also talks about 'uniform scaling'


Jos: Exact text: "it is desirable that uniform scaling be used for the 
purposes of preserving the aspect ratio of the graphics."

Jos: a possible improvement: "producers shall use uniform scaling to fit 
the *project of the scene* to the viewport."

Thorsten: ain't the more precise word 'isotrophic scaling' here?

Andreas: it does not matter where we put the adjustability, we should 
not say 'fitting to the viewport', if the width is smaller then is the 
image in the middle, the left or the right

Andreas: we should explictly say that it should be centered

Regina: it should be fitted centered into the viewport. 'into' rather 
than 'to'

Andreas: The images showing the possible fittings as 
preserveAspectRatioAttribute handle all the possibilities

Andreas: the current text seems to suggest xMinYMin

sorry, error by jos: xMidyMid

Jos: would it be reasonable to have any behavior other than xMidYMid?

note: we mean 'meet' which is the default

Jos: any rotation would reduce the size of the projection

Andreas: that depends on the initial shape

Jos: if you rotate exactly around an axis

You create protrusions by rotation which have to go back into the box 
which means scaling down

Jos: you'll never get a scaling larger than the 2d scaling

Jos: Maybe the current behavior is to not scale at all

Regina: in LibreOffice, the chart will scale up or down when you are 
rotating it

Jos: for scene objects in LibreOffice the box expands and shrinks when 

Regina: for charts this is different, this is required, because the 
periphery of the chart stays the same

Regina: the draw:frame stays the same

Jos: but for other scenes the draw:frame does change in size

Regina: yes

"Producers shall use uniform scaling to fit the image to the viewport. "

"Producers shall use uniform scaling to center the maximum image into 
the viewport."

"Producers shall use uniform scaling to center the maximum image inside 
the viewport.

This part should only be for charts.

Regina: yes.

Andreas: the text should concern everything

Andreas: The increase in size while manipulating the image is a UI 

Andreas J Guelzow: bye

We can take up the pos/size of the plot area next week.

Meeting adjourned.

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