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Subject: Re: [office] OFFICE-2118 data-pilot-group attribute

Hi Michael,

thank you for the pointer to that document.

I have managed to create such document now. The essential part is, that the element <table:data-pilot-group> contains the group members directly and therefore makes it possible to group non-numbers. In contrast to grouping a column of numbers you need to select all group members.

Example for LibreOffice UI:
You have a column of strings labeled "Name" and a column of numbers labeled "Value".
Make a Pivot Table with "Name" in Row Fields and "Value" in Data Fields.
Mark all names (Ctrl+Click), which you want to be in the same group, and group them by Data > Group and Outline > Group. You get a new column "Name2 with the entry "Group1" for those names, which you had selected. Select the other names from column "Name" (you can use column "Name2" for filtering) and generate the next group the same way. Now the column "Name2" has the entries "Group1" and "Group2". Open "Edit Layout" item from context menu. Find the new field "Name2" in the Row Fields and drag it to the top of Column Fields. OK. Move the cell cursor (arrow keys work better than mouse click) to the new fields. Use the Input line to change the name to a word, which describes your grouping.

I hope this helps others who struggle with Pivot Tables like me.

Kind regards

Michael Stahl schrieb:
On 15.09.2017 19:36, Regina Henschel wrote:
Hi members,

I'm looking for an example document, which uses the element
<table:data-pilot-group>. Notice 'group' in singular, not 'groups'. Or
can you tell me, how to generate such document?

i don't know how to create it, but the attachment on this bug uses the


            <table:data-pilot-groups table:is-group-field="true"
              <table:data-pilot-group table:name="Group1">
                <table:data-pilot-member table:name="A"/>
                <table:data-pilot-member table:name="B"/>
              <table:data-pilot-group table:name="Group2">
                <table:data-pilot-member table:name="C"/>

... so i'm assuming Kohei must know how to create such documents.

Attachment: MyGroupingInPivotTable.ods
Description: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet

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