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Subject: axis labels for class chart:surface

Hi members,

I have found now, that Gnumeric is able to produce surface charts of the first kind described in 19.15.1, page 338.

Next I want to examine, how axis labels are handled, because ODF 1.2 has no statement about it in 19.15.1.

Data for example for A1:F6
    One    Two    Three    Four    Five
Jan    0    -1    -4    -5    -9
Feb    12    8    -4    -8    -24
Mar    20    15    0    -5    -25
Apr    42    35    14    7    -21
May    90    80    50    40    0

With the left kind of surface plot in Gnumeric, I get labels
on the x-axis: One    Two    Three  Four   Five
on the y-axis: Jan    Feb    Mar    Apr    May

The file has in <chart:domain> the range "$'Sheet1'.$A$2:.$A$6", but following the specification the <chart:domain> attribute is to be used for numbers. I would expect the range in a <chart:categories> element of the related <chart:axis> element.

Unfortunately I have only Gnumeric version 1.12.17 for Windows and my notebook, which has Linux, is too old for a modern Linux, so that I stuck there with Gnumeric 1.12.9. So it would be good, if someone of you can try, whether Gnumeric has changed that in the meantime.

Kind regards

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