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Subject: list styles embedded in graphic properties

Hi all,

in the last call, there was the question, whether a list in a graphic element inherits the list style, which is contained in the graphic style.

I have uploaded the attached file as https://beta.opendocumentformat.org/rendercompare/upload/265/192/87/1

LibreOffice noticed, that there is a list in the <draw:text-box> element, but renders it with a default. When LibreOffice produces a list in a <draw:text-box> in a graphic, then it generates a list style as automatic style.

As you can see in the rendering, PowerPoint does not render the list at all.

I have used a presentation because LibreOffice does not render a list inside a graphic in a text document and has no UI to produce a list there. LibreOffice has a special handling of frames in Writer for the case they are used to contain complex text content, and distinguishes them from the use of the <draw:frame> element as graphic.

Kind regards

Attachment: TestListStyle2.odp
Description: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation

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