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Subject: Re: OFFICE-3940 Add OpenPGP-based XML encryption

Hi Regina,

Regina Henschel wrote:
> would a structure as sketched in the attached drawing page 2 fit to
> your intended additions for OpenPGP?
Not quite, hopefully with the updated schema changes it should become
more obvious (happy to edit your UML diagram - do you work directly in
Draw, or have it exported from an UML editor)?

The key 'derivation' via PGP happens per the KeyInfo element, which
encrypts the session key, potentially for multiple recipients. This
does not make sense on a per-file-entry level IMO, also the KeyInfo
can potentially be quite voluminous (think public keys with lots of
signatures, or a large recipient list) - so I put it on the
manifest:manifest level.

Equally, a number of key-derivation-attlist options don't make sense
for PGP transport encryption (since you can pick a large enough random
encryption key), so that's the choice section, with options
manifest:key-derivation-name="PGP" or anything else falling back to
ODF1.2 behaviour.

With best regards, Thorsten


Thorsten Behrens

IT-Lead LibreOffice
CIB software GmbH
Hamburg branch office
Flachsland 10
22083 Hamburg
T +49 40 28 48 42 -216
F +49 40 28 48 42 -100

Registered office: Munich
Registration court Munich, HRB 123286
Managing director: Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Brandner

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