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Subject: Question about 19.237 fo:margin-left

Hi all,

the text about the left margin in a list is this:
"The fo:margin-left attribute specifies the left margins for the text lines of a list item. The attribute has the same meaning as the formatting property attribute fo:margin-left. 20.200 Its value is only considered for paragraphs inside a list item those paragraph styles do not specify a fo:text-indent attribute or a fo:margin-left attribute."

And in 17.20 we have this:
"The fo:text-indent and fo:margin-left attributes are evaluated only for paragraphs inside list items whose paragraph styles do not specify them. If one of the two properties, or both, are specified by the paragraph style, the text indent and/or left margin are taken from the paragraph style. In this case the paragraph style's properties are used to determine the indent and margin for the text lines and thus also the alignment position."

My question is about "paragraphs do not specify".
For paragraphs the "fo:margin-left" attribute belongs to the style and therefore gets its values following the inheritance rules. So what does "do not specify" mean here?

Kind regards

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