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Subject: OFFICE-3854, question about style:rel-width and style:rel-height

Hi all,

I'm still working on OFFICE-3854 and now come across these problems:

20.331 has the text "The style:rel-height attribute specifies the height of a drawing object as a relative value within a frame." 20.332.1 has the text "The style:rel-width attribute specifies the relative width of a drawing object."

For which elements are the attributes style:rel-height and style:rel-width evaluated, in case they are included in their assigned graphic style? What is intended? All drawing objects (definition of "drawing object"? ), for drawing objects anchored to a frame, only for a <draw:frame> element?

What do the values "scale" and "scale-min" then mean?

Does any application use these attributes as graphic property? I see them as object attributes 19.510.2 and 19.509 of the <draw:frame> element in Word and LibreOffice, but cannot generate them as graphic property there.

Kind regards

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