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Subject: Re: [office] Compare applications in regard to tab, margin, border and padding

Hi all,

I have got an assumption about the different behavior:

1. Word, TextMaker, and Calligra calculate the tab-stop from the start edge of the paragraph content area. LibreOffice calculates from the inner edge of the area defined by the fo:margin attribute.

2. Calligra and LibreOffice build the paragraph content area according the CSS box-model. TextMaker and Word build it only from the fo:margin attribute. I consider this a bug in TextMaker and Word.

3. The style of the second paragraph is a child of the style of the first paragraph. It sets a new fo:margin attribute, but inherits the <style:tab-stops> element. Word uses the calculated value of the tab-stop for this inheritance. TextMaker, Calligra, and LibreOffice inherit the attribute description and calculate the value newly in the child paragraph style. Does a general rule exists, whether calculated values are inherit?

Kind regards

Regina Henschel schrieb am 14.03.2018 um 17:36:
Hi all,

attached is the original file and a file, which contains screenshots
from LibreOffice, TextMaker, Word, and Calligra (from top to bottom).

The test file has a page layout with two columns. The paragraphs, which
I have tested, have border 6pt and padding 31pt (the largest values Word
is able to use) and a tab-stop at 3.51cm. The paragraph margin of the
upper paragraph is 0.5cm, from the lower paragraph is -0.5cm. The
paragraphs between have standard style, which means no margin, border,
or padding.

The screenshots are aligned to the left edge of the column content area,
indicated by the blue line. The standard paragraphs start at this line.
I have enabled a 5mm grid in all applications, which hopefully makes
comparison easier.

You will notice:
Word has tab-stops absolute. But I have no clue, why it is at this
position. All others have relative tab-stops.

LibreOffice relates the tab-stop to the right edge of the area build
from the fo:margin-left attribute.
Calligra and TextMaker relate the tab-stop to the left edge of the
paragraph content area (= area where the text begins).

Does there exist a definition in XSL-FO or CSS, how to calculate tab-stops?

In addition you will notice, that application differ in the way they use
margin, border and padding. All use the left edge of the column content
area as reference. But Word and TextMaker take the margin as distance to
the paragraph content area. Calligra and LibreOffice uses it as distance
to the border.

In my illustrations from the last mail, I have used LibreOffice's way,
because I think it is correct. It corresponds to the box-model of CSS.

Kind regards

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