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Subject: Re: [office] Start for a document about terms relevant for layout of text documents

Hi Andreas,

Andreas J. Guelzow schrieb am 19.03.2018 um 02:20:

The text "Borders belong to cells, not to columns or rows. Borders are
not between columns or rows but inside the cells. Border width is set by
fo:border attributes and for the special case of border style double by
style:border-line-width attributes, all in
<style:table-cell-properties>. In case table:border-model="collapsing"
is set for the table, each of two adjacent cells gets half of the
calculated border width." sounds to me as if separated borders are
supposed to be the default. I cannot find this in ODF 1.2: 20.405 seems
to indicate that there are two models, separating and collapsing, that
are chosen by the value for table:border-model. There appears to be no
"default" specified.

As style it needs no default. Of cause, for interoperability it would better to define a default.

In fact if I create a new sheet in Libreoffice-calc, the border-model
appears to be set to collapsing.

Yes, in Calc the borders are always collapsing. In Writer the user can choose the border-model. In Writer a style:default-style element of family="table" is written with the attribute table:border-model="collapsing". This element is missing in Calc. I agree with you, that it would be better, if LibreOffice would write the default in Calc too.

I see how I can change the left indent (for left justified cells) and
the right indent for right-justified cells, but I do not see how the
padding can be set in general.

The padding is in the cell properties tab "Borders". In older versions it is named "Spacing to contents" and was disabled, if no border was set. In newer versions it is called "Padding" and always available.

Kind regards


On 18-03-12 12:18 PM, Regina Henschel wrote:
Hi all,

here is now my collection of terms, including illustrations and
descriptions. My focus has been on those terms, which are needed in
style:horizontal-rel, style:horizontal-pos, style:rel-width and the
new attribute style:rel-width-rel and the respectively attributes for
vertical direction.

The document is not a final solution, but I hope it is useful as start.

Please give feedback on the mailing list. I might find time to
incorporate your suggestions before next Monday.

Kind regards

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