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Subject: fo:border vs draw:stroke

Hi all,

a <draw:frame> element gets its style from graphic properties and these have both fo:border and draw:stroke. But I do not find how they interact.

MS Office allows in its own format a combination of e.g. "square dotted" with "double". If MS Office writes ODF, then it reduces it in case of PowerPoint to draw:stroke with "dotted" and in case of Word to fo:border with "double". Restricting it to one kind depending on kind of document is no solution for LibreOffice, because LibreOffice uses both <draw:frame> with fo:border and <draw:frame> with draw:stroke in text documents. Currently LibreOffice does not combine fo:border and draw:stroke.

Some of further problems:

The thickness and the color of the lines are included in the fo:border attribute, but might be given as svg:stroke-width and svg:stroke-color in addition.

fo:border has no means to describe corners, but that is possible via draw:stroke-linejoin.

fo:border has no means to describe line ends, but that is possible via svg:stroke-linecap.

So my question is, what do we expect as result, if fo:border and draw:stroke or its associated attributes are given together for a <draw:frame> element?

Kind regards

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