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Subject: Re: [office] OFFICE-3765

Hi Michael,

Michael Stahl schrieb am 26.04.2018 um 16:11:


... so what you want to do is essentially split one <number:text> in

Yes, that is the effect.

 can't be done with this schema, and you can't put
number:fill-character inside number:text either with it.

... it might work to put an <optional><element "number:text"></optional>
right after the number:fill-character ... however that would also allow
2 consecutive number:text  in some cases ...

if this feature is really needed

I cannot say, whether it is "really needed", but both Excel and LibreOffice allow such format code. So it is likely, that there a documents, which use it.

LibreOffice writes it in extended mode as e.g.
<number:number-style style:name="N10121" number:language="en" number:country="US" number:title="fill"> <number:scientific-number number:decimal-places="2" loext:min-decimal-places="2" number:min-integer-digits="1" number:min-exponent-digits="2" loext:exponent-interval="1" loext:forced-exponent-sign="true"/>
   <loext:text> </loext:text>

Kind regards

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