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Subject: Re: [office] Reformatting of Normative References

Hi Patrick,

The tool "Bibliography Database" in menu Tools is only for an external bibliography database but not for the embedded "Bibliography Entry" items. So no wonder, that you cannot find the entries there.

One problem here is, that the bibliography index is always build from all of the bibliography entries in the document. But we need an index of normative references and an index of non-normative references. Therefore manually editing the index is needed in a final run. If you use "update index" in the draft, such editing is lost.

A second problem is, that the references contain click-able links to the source. Such do not exist in the bibliography index and the link has to be added manually. There exists a URL field, but it is not click-able. Here too a simple "update index" will destroy all the manual changes.

Currently the formatting of the parts of the reference are not done by styles but by hard formatting. Therefore they are lost too. But that can be solved in the settings of the bibliography index.

I'm not sure, whether using embedded bibliography entries is the best way for getting a bibliography index. A different way might be to write the references directly as paragraph into a chapter and use a bookmark/reference system.

Kind regards

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 09.05.2018 um 22:48:

While applying changes to section 1.2 of part 3, I ran into odd behavior
for the normative references.

They were restricted from user changes and when I changed that setting,
all the present formatting was loss. :-( Undo in LO was no help.

I went ahead with the changes but I did check the alleged bibliography
manager but it appears to have no relationship to the normative
references, at least judging from its content.

Thought the absence of the content of 1.2 from the bibliography manager
curious enough to mention.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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