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Subject: Re: Office-3928

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 15.05.2018 um 23:08:

If you have time, can you review the changes I suggest to the resolution of:


I think they are correct but since you authored the proposal, I wanted
to check with you first.

I will answer in the issue, but your last point there needs an example, therefore this mail.

The screenshot shows a chart with a pulled out pie segment. The green handles mark the rectangle, which it given by the <chart:coordinate-region> element. A similar rectangle is given in Excel by the "plot area". I have attached an Excel file, where I have enabled the line for the "plot area", so that it is visible.

The element <chart:coordinate-region> defines a "positioning rectangle". The description uses the term "coordinate-region" and describes how this "coordinate-region" is build and how this "coordinate-region" is matched to the "positioning rectangle".

Kind regards

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