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Subject: OFFICE-1148 regression type moving-average

Hi all,

this is the first draft for the feature "moving-average". I have found three type of it: "prior": Used in Excel, LibreOffice, Gnumeric, and Google Docs("einfach" in my UI)
"central": Used in Google Docs ("zentriert" in my UI)
"twodimensional": Used in Gnumeric.

Andreas, I have called it "twodimensional", but feel free to suggest a better word for Gnumeric.

I have made a .odt document with LibreOffice for to use the formula editor. Sub- and Superscript do not work well in Jira, if you switch between visual- and text-mode for and back.

The diff is against the version with applied polynomial. The text would have to be merged with that from polynomial.

Please review the formulas and improve the wording.

Kind regards
--- OpenDocument-schema-v1.3_regression_curve1.rng	2018-06-05 23:59:49.276136600 +0200
+++ OpenDocument-schema-v1.3_regression_curve2.rng	2018-06-07 15:29:23.536501500 +0200
@@ -9991,10 +9991,11 @@
         <rng:attribute name="chart:regression-type">
+            <rng:value>moving-average</rng:value>
@@ -10017,10 +10018,24 @@
         <rng:attribute name="chart:regression-name">
           <rng:ref name="string"/>
+      <optional>
+          <rng:attribute name="chart:regression-period">
+          <rng:ref name="positiveInteger"/>
+        </rng:attribute>
+      </optional>
+      <optional>
+          <rng:attribute name="chart:regression-moving-type">
+            <rng:choice>
+              <rng:value>prior</rng:value>
+              <rng:value>central</rng:value>
+              <rng:value>twodimensional</rng:value>
+            </rng:choice>
+        </rng:attribute>
+      </optional>
         <rng:attribute name="chart:axis-position">

Attachment: OFFICE-1148 RegressionCurveFileFormat_new_moving_average.odt
Description: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text

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