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Subject: Questions about "presentation:background-visible"

Hi all,

I try to solve some layer and background bugs for LibreOffice. Thereby I have come across attributes "20.224 presentation:background-objects-visible" and "20.225 presentation:background-visible". But the specification leaves some questions unanswered.

The attributes belong to the <style:drawing-page-properties> element. Such can be child of a <style:style> element or <style:default-style> element of family "drawing-page". And that can be referenced from a <draw:page> and from a <style:master-page> element by the draw:style-name attribute.

Are the attributes "background-objects-visible" and "background-visible" usable with ordinary pages and with master-pages as well?

The attributes have the prefix "presentation". Does that mean, that they are only applicable in a presentation document?

The description in section 20.224 is e.g. "false: objects in background of a master page should not be displayed when displaying a presentation page." and in 20.225 e.g "false: background of a master page should not be displayed when displaying a presentation page"

What situations are covered by "displaying a presentation page"?
Edit mode of a page/slide
Show mode of a slide
Printing of a page/slide
Export to a different format like PDF or PNG
Thumbnails used e.g. in Handout, Notes pages, Slide sorter

Is "a presentation page" intended as restriction ? (see question 2)

Why "should not" ?

What is "background of a master page"? I thought a master page _is_ a common background for drawing pages. And if I take the filling given in <style:page-layout-properties> element or in the <style:drawing-page-properties> element as "background", then the wording "objects in background of a master page" makes no sense. Perhaps "objects of a master page"?

16.9 <style:master-page> lists a lot of child elements. Which are considered to be "objects" that are hidden by the "background-objects-visible" attribute?

There exists other means to specify visibility, e.g. the draw:display attribute of a <draw:layer> element, or draw:fill="none" and draw:opacity="0%", or presentation:display-footer or similar attributes. How does this interact with "background-visible" and "background-objects-visible"?

Kind regards

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