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Subject: Rendering of paragraph border if page break is inside paragraph

Hi member,

the attached zip-file contains a text document that has a page-break inside a paragraph which has a border. The document was created in Word 365 and saved to .odt by Word. The zip-file has in addition a lot of screenshots, how this is rendered in some applications.

I see two behaviors:

(A) In Calligra, Textmaker and LibreOffice the two paragraph parts both get the full borders.

(B) In Word and Google Docs the paragraph part on the first page has no bottom border and the part on the second page has no top border. That kind of rendering is used too, if you use a similar file in HTML and let it print by a browser.

I was not able to decide, which is the 'correct' rendering.

But in CSS3 I see a solution. https://www.w3.org/TR/css-break-3/#break-decoration. The property box-decoration-break specifies exactly these two behaviors. Its value "slice" corresponds to version (B) and its value "clone" corresponds to version (A).

The fact that such a property was added to CSS3 suggests to me that the description in CSS2 was not sufficient (and it was not my inability, that I could not decide 'correct' rendering).

This property also effects the background of the paragraph. But LibreOffice seems to be the only one, that supports an image as background of a paragraph; so no comparison possible.

What do you think about adding an attribute box-decoration-break? It would effect the inline-boxes too, which belong to feature request OFFICE-3843.

Kind regards

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