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Subject: OFFICE-3920 VDB startPerio and endPeriod

Hi members,

I have looked at issue 3920 for fractional startPeriod and endPeriod. I get the problem, that Gnumeric, Excel and GoogleDocs[1] calculate different from LibreOffice for the case of fractional and switch at same time. So we need to define first the algorithm before we can improve the wording.

Andreas, Alfred: Can you please explain, how the result on the sheet "with_switch" is calculated?
Written without references it is about the formula
LibreOffice calculates result 5035, which is identic to my manually calculation on the same sheet. Others calculate result 4873.33

The results for fractional without switch (last parameter TRUE()) and for integer with switch are identical in all tested applications.

[1] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jNbUijAZbPyFbPOEKtNffQAJ5M8hkyrdqRPbU8mslUY/edit?usp=sharing

Kind regards

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