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Subject: Re: [office] <text:conditional-text>

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 06-Dec-18 um 22:37:




The |<text:conditional-text>| element specifies a condition for display
of one text string or another. If the condition is |true|, one of the
text strings is displayed. If the condition is |false|, the other text
string is displayed.



The <text:conditional-text> displays one text string or another depending on a condition.

 but the content model says:


The |<text:conditional-text>| element has the following attributes:
|text:condition| 19.782.2, |text:current-value| 19.791,
|text:string-value-if-false| 19.878 and |text:string-value-if-true| 19.879.

The |<text:conditional-text>| element has no child elements.

The |<text:conditional-text>| element has character data content.


OK so why does it have content? What happens to its content?

The content of the element contains the displayed text at the time of saving, so that consumers, which does not support this text field or do not support the language of the condition, can at least show the current content of this field.

Similar with the attribute text:current-value. It contains the result of the evaluation of the text:condition element. It ease an initial display or a transformation to a different format without evaluating the condition once again. Evaluating the condition might be costly (e.g. complex query of databases) or not possible in current situation (e.g. working on a document on a smart phone).

If the condition is evaluated again, the content of the <text:conditional-text> element and the value of the text:current-value attribute is updated.

Suggest we make this an empty element.

No, the content is needed, see above.

Kind regards

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