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Subject: Problems with <draw:layer-set>

Hi all,

in ODF 1.2 we have

10.2.2 <draw:layer-set>
The <draw:layer-set> element defines a set of layers. If placed inside a <style:master-page> or <draw:page> element it defines a set of layers for that page. If placed inside the <office:master-styles> element it defines a set of layers for all pages that do not have their own set of layers.

So there exists three places, where an element <draw:layer-set> can occur. And from the last sentence I conclude, that inside a document there can be several <draw:layer-set> elements.

LibreOffice uses <draw:layer-set> only as child of <office:master-styles>. Calligra Karbon uses <draw:layer-set> as child of <draw:page>. Currently I investigate, how to make LibreOffice able to import a document, produced by Calligra Karbon.


(A) Is it possible to have a <draw:layer-set> as child of a <draw:page> and at the same time a different <draw:layer-set> as child of that <style:master-page> to which the <draw:page> element refers? Or is there exactly one <draw:layer-set> to be used for a page: either its own, or that from its <style:master-page> or the default from <office:master-style>?

(B) Does a layer name need to be unique throughout the entire document? Or is it sufficient, if the name is unique in those one (or two, see problem A) <draw:layer-set> which is used for a page?

(C) May a layer name be the empty string? I come across this, because Calligra's UI allows it.

Additional problem in the ODF 1.2 spec:
19.189 draw:layer
The draw:layer attribute specifies the name of a layer in the layer-set of a document.

The wording "in the layer-set of a document" seems wrong to me, because there can exist several <draw:layer-set> elements in a document.

Kind regards

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