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Subject: chat notes from 10 August 2019


The chat notes from the ODF TC teleconference on 10 August 2019 are below.

Hope everyone is at the start of a great week!



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anonymous morphed into Patrick
Patrick: 1. Dial-In, Roll Call, Determination of Quorum and Voting Rights

2. Motion (simple majority): Approve the Agenda

3. Motion (simple majority): Notice of minutes from prior TC calls - pending

4. Meeting time for 12 August 2019 https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingdetails.html?year=2019&month=8&day=12&hour=16&min=0&sec=0&p1=25&p2=37

5. New drafts - next steps to voting on Committee Specification

6. Minor schema/errors - FYI, script complains that table:color-tab is not defined, yet, by my reading of the schema it is. Sanity check?

7. No attribute xref found for "dsig:version?"

8. More drafts - now scripted so can turn around minor issues, etc. same day/next day. (Thanks to Regina for some minor issues in part 2)

9. https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3710 ODF 1.4 issue.

10. Next meeting: 19 August 2019

11. Adjournment
Patrick: Alfred - provide a liaison report to SC34 plenary in September - reminder to Patrick
Patrick: manifestGPAlgorithm - note from Thorsten
Patrick: Regina - need to vote on Committee Specification Draft -
Patrick: Regina - schema version manifest - Page 20
item, The schema has value "1.3", the text value "1.2".
Patrick: 6 - table:color-tab - schema ok?
Patrick: Error in table:tab-color - <attribute name="table:tab-color"
Patrick: The manifestGPAlgorithm contains an identifier for the PGP algorithm used for encryption in the manifest.
Patrick: This identifier is implementation defined. (suggested  by Patrick)
Patrick: by consent
Patrick: <attribute name="manifest:version" condition="">
Patrick: condition attribute result of flattening process - remove - and check on table:tab-color as well
Patrick: manifest is supposed to be version 1.3 -
Patrick: Patrick suggests Committee Specification Draft vote 19 Aug
Patrick: Michael will be on vacation so move to leave of absence for voting purposes
Patrick: Patrick - reminder to review Afred's report to SC34
Patrick: from current point to point in parameter
Patrick: B "current point" at the begin of the path
B1) The "current point" is initially not defined.
B2) The "current point" is initialized to point (0|0).
Patrick: Caligra uses 0|0 as start - then line - or would need a command that gives a starting point
Patrick: Andreas - SVG requires a move command that sets an initial point
Patrick: C "current point" after Z command

Text in ODF 1.2, "Close the current sub-path by drawing a straight line from the current point to current sub-path's initial point."

C1) The "current point" is not changed.

C2) The current sub-path's initial point becomes "current point". [definition in SVG] C3) The current point is invalidated and no longer defined. (Further drawing in ExampleC depends on behavior for problem A)
Patrick: Andreas - stay as close to SVG as possible
Patrick: what should an implemetation do if it gets a path with an error in it?
Patrick: LO - draws as much as possible - line with no move - PowerPoint - draws until the error, then nothing -
Patrick: error behavior is undefined - if path is drawn incorrectly
Patrick: Unrecognized contents within a path data stream (i.e., contents that are not part of the path data grammar) is an error. In such a case, the following error-handling rules must be used:

    The general rule for error handling in path data is that the SVG user agent shall render a path element up to (but not including) the path command containing the first error in the path data specification. This will provide a visual clue to the user or developer about where the error might be in the path data specification. This rule will greatly discourage generation of invalid SVG path data.
    If a path data command contains an incorrect set of parameters, then the given path data command is rendered up to and including the last correctly defined path segment, even if that path segment is a sub-component of a compound path data command, such as a "lineto" with several pairs of coordinates. For example, for the path data string 'M 10,10 L 20,20,30', there is an odd number of parameters for the "L" command, which requires an even number of parameters. The user agent is required to draw the line from (10,10) to (20,20) and then perform error reporting since 'L 20 20' is the last correctly defined segment of the path data specification.
    Wherever possible, all SVG user agents shall report all errors to the user.
Patrick: Andreas - should show as much as possible to the user -
Patrick: Regina to write up proposal

Patrick Durusau
Technical Advisory Board, OASIS (TAB)
Editor, OpenDocument Format TC (OASIS), Project Editor ISO/IEC 26300
Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 13250-1, 13250-5 (Topic Maps)

Another Word For It (blog): http://tm.durusau.net
Homepage: http://www.durusau.net
Twitter: patrickDurusau 

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