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Subject: Re: [office] Agenda for ODF Teleconference 19 August 2019

Hi all,

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 19-Aug-19 um 03:57:

5. Committee specification drafts - part 2 (attached), with parts 3 and 4 tomorrow AM.

7. Known issue: The changes list in part 2 has an odd indention behavior that I haven't yet solved.

I see these problems with part 2:

Error: Link has file extension .odf instead of .odt in item 'Latest Version'.

Suggestion: Set the link to the zip-container instead of a single (not normative) html file, in section 'Related work'.

Error: The text in section 'Status' is still about working draft. That needs to be changed.

Error: The reference "Related Work" is lost. It is used in Appendix A.1., A.2. and B

And some suggestions in regard to typography:

Suggestion: Add paragraph style with parent "Normal" for single change items in the list in the appendix. It should have an left indent (similar to "Note"). Use paragraph "Normal" for the other texts in the appendix. It has a spacing above and below. Remove the empty lines.

Suggestion: Set all appendix headings of level 1 to paragraph style "Appendix Heading 1" and include that style into the TOC.

Suggestion: Remove the dot in field "After" in numbering style "Appendix". A dot after the numbering is typographically wrong for headings. Change the field "width of numbering" on tab "Position" in numbering style "Appendix" to a suitable value, so that the heading text has a nice distance from the numbering, likely something around 3,9cm. That way the text in second and third line will align to the text in the first line. Or if you do not like the large indent in second and third line, then increase value in field "Minimum space between numbering and text" instead.

Suggestion: Increase the value in field "Minimum space between numbering and text" for all used levels in the chapter numbering dialog. That way you get a distance between numbering and text in a heading. A value of 0.2cm should be enough.

Suggestion: Set font color of character style "Index Link" to blue, so that the blue color for the link survives edit and update of TOC.

Patrick: In case indent does not work as expected, it is likely, that the paragraph has some numbering assigned. Set cursor in paragraph and use Format > Bullet and Numbering. Then in the dialog click on button "Remove". If that button is not enabled, then the problem is something else.

We should clean up all the styles in the document for ODF 1.4.

Kind regards

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